Valentines Day Show and some great news!

Hello to you all and a Happy Valentine's Day,

Thanks to all who came out to my show at Club Passim recently.  I was a nervous wreck for weeks leading up to that show knowing that I would only have one rehearsal with the band.  The nerves quickly subsided once I hit the stage and I realized that it was out of my control and the band knew exactly what to do.  John Sands on drums and Richard Gates on bass these two guys not only play music but they feel it and we were completely locked in sync from the first note.  Also joining me that night were Seth Glier on piano and Ryan Hommel on guitar.  It was my first time playing with either of them and they were incredible.  Seth Glier has just embarked on a US tour.

Many of you have been asking if I plan to play out more and the simple answer is yes.  I will spend less time in my studio and more time coming to you.  Keep checking back to the website for show updates.

I'll also be releasing a new album that will have live tracks that have been recorded over the past ten years from places in Los Angeles, Florida, Mass, and live radio tracks.  It will also include an unreleased studio track an some other possible surprises! I'm just finishing that up and it should be available in the next couple of months.

So with that said I look forward to seeing you out there.  Take time to love and acknowledge the one/s you love and "If Shes The One" then you are truly blessed.

Here are a few songs to get you in the mood...please pass them along! "If She's The One" was recorded live at WERS with Seth Glier adding vocals and piano, just a taste of what will be on the live release, enjoy!


Best Wishes,


This weekends show info:

Saturday, February 14th, 2009 8:00 PM

Hatboro, PA

Lewis Circle House Concerts

3105 Lewis Circle

Hatboro, PA 19040