Father Of Mine

from An American Wake

Father of mine, haven't you noticed
We're two of a kind.
These hands that I hold here, remind me of you.....
Remind me of all that I am.

Father of mine, we've talked for hours, got lost in time.
Your stories were always way up there with heros
With Angels and God on your side.

Just so you know
I won't disappoint you
I won't disappoint you now.
Ah just know....
I'll take what you've given, use what you've given me.......

Father of mine, does God have the answers to ease my mind?
Does he know what's right?
In an ocean of wisdom where I'm barely just staying afloat.

Father of mine, a dream so familiar
I swear you were there.
You held me and looked out a window of lights
To an old man just digging for gold.

Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP