Let The Show Begin

Here I go I got so much to say I better say it now before it fades away
Brothers arms are open wide just take a hit
and sit a while.
Rumors that are spreading underground,
I'm catching glances in the heart of this town.
I gotta say my piece tonight...
I'm gonna break the mould!

Let the show begin..

Throwing caution to the wind
I see it's blowing wild again
I'm giving all I've got to give..Welcome to my World!
Fever pitch is high tonight
we'll blow the roof off this joint tonight
It's you and me and me and you...
skin on skin like a new tattoo.

Let the show begin..

Can u feel what I'm feeling inside
at this moment I feel so alive
Got the pulse of the moment right here...
got the show of a lifetime ahead.

Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP