Lose Yourself

I don't mind what you found out,
it's simply a mistake we can work out.
If you ly alone at night wasting away
on the thought of the day.
And I don't need another war,
another hope left alone in the dark
If you walk in hollow light
just hold your head high and feel it inside.

And I don't care what you believe
it's all out of place it's just the way I feel
And I don't mind what you believe
it's all out of place in the back of my mind.
We all lose ourselves sometimes.

I don't mind where you come from,
we're all throwing stones at the back of someone.
You gave it away in all that you said,
it's all in the way you left me for dead.
And I can't believe that you want out.
Your fiercely strong words are drowning in doubt.
Just give me a sign and help me believe, the
baggage is gone and we'll just keep what we need.

Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP