Let Yourself Go

You got held up at the lights,
thrown out for picking a fight
You show them all that you know,
I wrote it down on my hand.
You got a thorn in your side
you got the world at your feet
You got a Mercedes Benz
you don't know which way to go.

You got another think coming
if you don't watch what you do
You'll find yourself in the cold
with nothing left to control
Left alone in the dark you'll never wander to far
But you might surprise yourself
if you just let yourself go.

Sometimes the sun hurts my eyes I just need to hide

Gotta give a little more than you get
Gotta say a little more than you say
Gotta tear at the walls that you hold
Gotta break down all that you know
Gotta feel that you cannot feel
Gotta learn that there's so much to learn
Gotta speak when you want to speak
You hold the key on your own.

You hold the key to your life,
you push the door wide open
You got to stand up and fight
for what you really feel inside.

Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP