On Your Way

from On Your Way

Make no mistake you're on your way
The chains that held you back have fallen by the way.

Nothing can stop you,
Nothing you can't break
You make it feel so real
You've got it made

Let love..
Let the way

Back on the farm where you come from
Their praying on their knees over the prodigal son.
Take from the richest and give to the poor
Keep dipping in that well
You'll find a whole lot more

Let love..
Let the way

You can fly through colors you just can't hide
Through the walls that held you inside
Over mountains that stood in your way
And you know... you're well on your way.

You got to give all that you got
Crawl on that belly baby to that mountain top
But also stop and breath in the air
Because half the fun is getting there

Let love..
Let the way


Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP