Love Is Blind

from On Your Way

You hear what you want
Come hear what I say
When you close your eyes do see what i see
A different point of view that outs a smirk on you
Another whisper in the dark

You got your head in the clouds
You better come out
You got your face in the dirt
You're lost in love with a dirty smirk

I can't explain how you live your life
I can't control the way you go
You need to choose
The battles you lose
You little fool
Love is blind

You conscience isn't clear
You're faking crocodile tears
Sincerely insincere.
You bite the hand that feeds
You cut the rope that leads
Standing barefoot on the open ground.

The devil winks at you.
You're idle hands have work to do
And you're burning up inside
A simple twist of fate
You wash your hands of all your hate... tonight.

Love is blind.

Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP